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Attention grabbing PR images
We visualize your PR message
    • "A picture says more than a thousand words"

      Walter Visuelle PR consistently uses the positive, emotional impact of PR images in addition to professional press texts. Photos, graphics and collages are eye-catching for someone reading a magazine or online portal. At the same time, PR images convey an intended PR message and also make your target group curious about the text. For clients, the effect of our PR agency is an increase in publication rate, more printouts in print and online publications and the keen attention of editors and your target group, the readers. Coherent imagery also increases the professional impact of our clients' press relations and makes them unmistakable.

      Markus Walter, the executive director of the PR agency, gave a presentation on the topic of visual PR before the Chambers of Commerce and Industry as well as for the further education provider, the Deutsche Presseakademie (depak). He also holds in-house training workshops on visual PR for IT companies.

      With more than 6 years experience in visual PR and a creative graphics team, our PR agency translates your PR messages into a visual format. Are you interested in meaningful PR images in your CI? Then contact me: Tel. ++49 611 / 23 878-0,

      Yours Leonie Walter

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